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June 30, 2016 at 20:38

An alternate web page with more features is being set up.  It will take awhile for me to put this together as it has been eating into my play time.  But if it works out and I decide to go with it, I should be able to open it up by late July. 

As the new web-site arranging continues, I am also working on a new mix off the project "Concrete Heat".  Also the first video for the an album titled "Bridge to Nowhere".  This was a set of songs that I composed and quickly recorded exactly fifteen years ago with no further attention since that time. 

Today I did some detailed adjustments on the Wonder Why song, "Feel You (Calizone Outtake)" to add on the second archive for that project.  This is an instrumental piece that I did a few weeks ago using a Hammerhead bass, rhythm guitar licks and wurlitzer keypad runs. 

The video for my first re-make song from "Shadows of Light" is finished and contains the recording that I did recently while at Daniel Ridge Falls.  It is almost entirely of , and around the water falls there. 

The side-project "Anemoi" will be posted on the new site when it is complete.  I won't be doing much else with it other than publishing the archive. 


Recycle Bin

June 25, 2016 at 05:35

I am done with writing any new songs.  This month I had compiled some acoustical tracks for an archive of songs that I wrote in the previous decade.  Next I have picked up on an upbeat title that I wrote during the same period which appeared on a collaborative remix disc "Brighter Lights Darker Shadows".  It seems almost ridiculous to be taking another look at that now, but despite the shortfalls were some strong layouts there.  At that time, I had programmed beat-phrases on a Roland DR_202, an MC-303 and additional acoustic drum samples.  This can be done in a current set-up now using a program like Battery4.  However with many of the leads and backing parts having been live-played on a Korg Prophecy, matching up comparable soft sources may prove to be unreachable.  Fortunately I have been able to recover some of the original Korg stem samples and will be able to integrate them into new recordings if I proceed that course. 

"Mythical Myander"

May 4, 2016 at 23:42

New mix that I created using the clearsky kit on a song from the album "Aural Dusk".  For the video, I went out and recorded short clips of cloud formations in several locations.  These are speed up between 2x and 6x, but I also overlapped consecutive segments to give a further sense of time lapse along the way.  Additional overlays and color filters were used as well.  This is the fourth video for the song, each having a very different feel.

Vox processors

March 21, 2016 at 09:08

The µXL+ has been very useful in my project last year - a keen device that merges a keyboard synthesizer with vocal processing.  I have it attached to my mixer board and use it to play vocal parts in real time and then record them to stem files.  However, it seems limited with minor adjustments on a few preset voices, so recently I started looking for other options.  In a new song that I am completing this week, titled "I Wish You were a Fly on the Wall", I am using a vocal module called "The Mouth" instead.  This is a sub-program that runs under the product Reaktor 5.  It is not really a replacement for the µXL since I can not actually play the notes with the same precision but rather it is an added tool that opens up more options which are easy to use and quick to access.  I just record the vocal parts dry and then route thru "the mouth" as an effect controller on a track in my main song editor.  It also provides further complexity such as mixing the input source with several instances of the same signal being processed with its own build-in effects upon each part.  The interface is less complicated than a lot of instrument modules I used, so it did not take a huge amount of time for me to start with it making modifications:  


Mail bag

March 18, 2016 at 15:01

This post is inspired by a remark asking why make videos when you are not getting paid.  While I would suggest that anyone with a creative incline go out and find a free/simple program to make their own video, I realize the many limitations one would face.  However, there is a pretty good range of methods available and many types of videos that get made.  Doing something that connects with one's own interests might be a great place to start.  For me, that would stem out of producing music.  For others that I know of, it may be about expressing their  particular art or skill, explaining and promoting an idea about which they have knowledge, or documenting of importance.  Whatever it is - they are providing something on a wide scale that will be suitable for some people and not suitable for others.  This is why I do not support the function of rating a video, and to a lesser degree having anonymous random comments.  I believe that most people who come across something like this will at least just move on when it falls into the category of not being suitable to them. 

"Into My Dream"

March 13, 2016 at 05:39

A new mix of the song (Neon 809) was posted this weekend when I also completed the revised video for it.  It is available here

Whatever Happened to the Moon?

December 16, 2015 at 14:53

It sure has come a long way since the video about falling in love with the moon back in April, 2014.  We are not sure of her origins, possibly from a warehouse art studio that was destroyed for a suburban sprawl many years ago.  But after hanging from the Aural Dusk tree and then falling down, Cody chewed off a good chunk after the video was made.  The moon then got lost but apparently hitched a ride in my car and made it to the mountains, recently re-emerging months later.  She has been given a fitting spot on my re-build back porch...

Video specs

February 17, 2015 at 21:00

New videos being written at 720 lines or more as I am not doing any more filming at the 480/360 resolutions.  Check the "HD" on the gear icon in the playback window because the host (eg. U-tube) seems to be down-stepping my resolution on playback and defaulting to 360 on some devices but not on others.

Time to Go

January 31, 2015 at 05:01

After a good two months of delay, I am glad to say that "Time to Go" is finally done.  The video is about leaving a place behind and traveling to a new one.  The music is from a past album that I composed using fabulous leads and bass played on the Korg Prophecy.  (The original song is actually about something else but is instrumental so it works ok here.) 

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New Song (Instr.)

My new song "Are You There" is a funky tune that I arranged using Wurlitzer samples provided by the George Duke soul-treasures series of producer tools and a sampled Scarbee Rickenbacker bass that I played on keyboard which will be published this week. 

The video is a collaborative with Athena (BFA in digital media) to do film and editing based on an idea we had discussed.  To start on a late evening, we went downtown and recorded several scenes on my S9900 from several different locations.  These scenes were then sped up, edited for colour & blended with a delay filter to give a surrealistic four-dimensional appearance.

New side-project: "Ἄνεμοι"

New songs in 2016 using West Africa drum set and Absynth5 synthesizers.  Video is my playing around my fire pit.  Produced in PowerDirector13.

Background:  During some of my later nights I am working on a new electronic album titled "Ἄνεμοι", Greek for "Winds".  It is themed on the four-wind interpretation by the poet Homer (800 BC).  There will only be two videos in this project which I will be soon publishing.  Then I will post the whole set as a sound file later in the year.  I will not be doing any live-part recordings or mix variations for any of this material because I will also be working on other music during the time period.  

Video: "Wish You were a Fly..."

New song in 2016 - Freestyle.  Video taken in & around the RAD skate park.  Includes a few short cartoon clips from my favourites that feature a fly and other animals!  We used two cameras taking a lot of video which I have edited down to time.

Video: "Into My Dream :809"

This is the 7-minute update of the song in 2016 with a revised video.  Using new in-line compressors, additional 808/909 percussion, and added instruments.  It is part of the second archive for the project which I will be posting in the near future. 

Video: "Bleu Solaire"

Ambient electronic song that I created last week.  Video is some  computer-animated space images that I modified of an imagined sun.  Instrumental, slow-paced and not connected with other projects that I am working on at this time.

"The Hindenburg Omen"

This video is for a song that I originally wrote in 2013 with changes.  The parts shown being played were recorded during the filming of the video.  Spoken samples and old reel clips appear from broadcasted material.  I programmed the animation effects using some space plots from program demos.  The back-drop fantasy stills are desktop images which are freely available. 

"I'll Call You Back"

Video for final song on the "Wonder Why"  "recordings.  Filmed at Richmond Hill park and co-produced by Athena. 

"All I Can Think of Is You"

ACover song (original by Stonebridge, 2007).  My version using vocals on Korg µXL+ and video taken on the French Broad River, 2015.