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Further editing

October 20, 2014

As I started working on final edits for the next album, I switched to a better set of headphones.  With the way the songs are constructed and the use of subtle effects, I wanted to be able to make finer adjustments .  And wow - what a different.  Going from mid-ranged Audio Technicas to these V-Moda chrome-plated headphones, I can hear things that I could not before.  The final results could sound far better than the versions in the videos (on decent speakers that is).

CH Grid

October 16, 2014

A variation of the cover art for the album Concrete Heat that was created by the artist Monark will be available as a poster.  Here is what it looks like:

This week

October 14, 2014

Unlocked "The Arrival" title review videos for the album and arranged a new video page with a few select videos.  Here is the third part of that series from April:


This week testing a new system that I put together using the new AMD A8-7600 processor on a Gigabyte mini-ITX board.  Disc transfers may take some time before I can reload current projects, but looking good so far:

New songs

October 1, 2014

I was able to transport a couple of the newer songs from the videos over to audio files to include on the new album including the 2nd live recording for Swan.  It is quite different of a mix than the album version.  Today I also worked on a longer version of "Fluffy Tuft" which I will add onto the end of the set. 

Lacent Calm

September 19, 2014

Another short song I put together within a few minutes last night.  There are only two instruments used.  The video shows me playing the second track with the harp-like plucked notes after having already written the very dense and suspended synth layer of chords before filming. 

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