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Azoraa electronic music is home for a variety of themed projects based on the artist's music, art and video made freely available.

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From Asylon Hæsel:

  Komplete 10
Maschine 2.x
Roland A49
Korg XL37
Arturia µBrute
Kurzweil 2K
  Behringer 1202FX
Roland VT-3
Boss ME-25
TC Helicon G-TX


From Asylon Shadeau:

  Maschine 1.8

From the Cyber-room:

Akai AX-60
Roland D-550
Kurzweil 2K
Korg Prophecy
Boss DR-202
Roland SC-55
Roland MC-303
Yamaha TG-33
Alesis Nanoverb
Mackie vlz-1400
Akai AX-1

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About Discovery cover song

February 26, 2015

The 'blog entry for today is in video.

Cover song... perhaps

February 24, 2015

Working with some new modules this week on percussion, bass and strings, I thought it would be fun to try sequencing one of my favourite songs from the late 1970's.  I usually avoid doing cover songs of bands because of the intricate details with trying to match several different instruments at once and the limitations of using synthesized sound versus acoustically played ones.

Mythical Myander

February 19, 2015

Playing around on a piano module I got today with the song Mythical Myander.  I recorded this video later as a break from the current project.

Video specs

February 17, 2015

New videos being written at 720 lines or more as I am not doing any more filming at the 480/360 resolutions.  Check the "HD" on the gear icon in the playback window because the host (eg. U-tube) seems to be down-stepping my resolution on playback and defaulting to 360 on some devices but not on others.

blog post

February 3, 2015

Last night I split off the video for "Azoraa makes a powerful beverage" and revised for more detail. 

Time to Go

January 31, 2015

After a good two months of delay, I am glad to say that "Time to Go" is finally done.  The video is about leaving a place behind and traveling to a new one.  The music is from a past album that I composed using fabulous leads and bass played on the Korg Prophecy.  (The original song is actually about something else but is instrumental so it works ok here.) 


January 13, 2015

The disc page and the video page have been re-written due to the number of entries.  It is now listed by project with song links instead of blocks of embedded content.  The links will open a separate window to the host media. 

Merry New Year

January 8, 2015

As I was having some noise issues, I found an iInteresting related article on a D. Gilmore (of Pink Floyd) tribute site:  Dealing with Noise Pt. 1)


December 28, 2014

Last night I played a new version of "Seylen" recorded live in the studio.  I may record it again thru the mixer once the PC is up and running though.  Here is a rather plain video of me doing it.  The acoustics in the room caused a slightly annoying ring in the higher notes. 



November 10, 2014

A quick re-edit of the recent recording for "This Love" taking out the spoken intro and other minor tweaks is now posted on the page. 

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