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September 1, 2014

Ok, so I did not like the intro video that I posted last week - it seems too long.  I pulled it and will make another one this week.

Random thoughts

August 29, 2014

When asked to place a name for myself for reference purposes at certain places, I have for some time responded with either "Mars" or "Venus" - perhaps going with the one or the other depending on which way the balance was leaning.  I find that the situation at hand having some influence in this as to what way or approach may be needed as well.  But mostly just going into it, I already have the answer set.  For the past three days I have had to come into a same place and submited  such a name.  First being "Venus" and the next occasion "Mars".  To my surprise, a staff member had seen me the prior day and asked "Weren't you Venus yesterday?"  "Oh, Yes", I replied, "but Mars is not as patient as Venus", which was true because I did not feel the willingness to wait as long as I had the day before even though I had still walked out then.  The reply was something such as "Oh so you have a multiplicity going on".  I was thinking...here we have more of a binary Mindset with an unknown analog spectrum in endless degrees.  But could it not skew in other directions? which sounds like "shrew" and makes me think "why is this not a rodent?"  I was reading about something similar that can eat thru the ground creating 150 feet of tunnels in a single day for the purpose of finding food.  For this reason it is considered such a pest while destroying yards and lawns.  If I had one, perhaps I would appreciate it's abilities rather than an impression that it leaves upon the ground.  Anyway, this is a place that employs the concept of a "queue" in which you are added until reaching the top.  Upon entering today, On the third day, I had shifted back to "Venus" and was going in and out of the building thereby causing me to miss my opening at the top of the queue.  When I came back in again later, I had to resubmit and that is when a tiny portal opened from the mental plane revealing another branch.  I paused for a moment and said "Mercury", thereby going back onto the system.  I quickly hurried in and out again several times, again checking my position as my thick and fluffy ponytails swooshed the door.  On this setting, now more finely adjusted from the plane above, I not only became faster but also more accurate so that I did not miss my call this time.  My re-entry was almost perfectly timed, and I was able to conduct two transactions nearly simultaneously in two different buildings. This worked by overlapping all the calculations of the two timeframes with their independent events respectively so that space between events in one place fit in between the spaces of the events in the other.  The passively observant Venus could not; the quickly forceful Mars could not; but as Mercury it all seemed to eventuate into just the right form.  On a side note, as I was driving away I heard something on the radio that sounded like "Rogue Elephant".  I do not think that is what was being said. And now I am not sure, but it at least sounded like a good title for something. 

Camera update

August 28, 2014

For my camera replacement, I have decided to go with the Samsung WB350F which has a 21x optical zoom and up to 1080-line resolution (an upgrade from the S8k).  As for the sound, I will have to test it out and will update on it here this weekend.  
A recent accident during the filming of a forthcoming video had made my old one inoperable and I had to use a Fuji_Film Ax600 for the video "About Things to Do".   Due to poor sound and lighting reception, I won't be using that again.  It also loved to eat up  AA type batteries which it is quite undesirable.  With the kind of frequent and long usage that I do, only a flat Li-Ion self-charger is acceptable.    

Mishap Halts Video

August 24, 2014

A night-time adventure turns into misfortune after setting out to film on the forthcoming video for the song titled "4 AM" from the album "Shadows of Light".  It was a late Saturday night as I headed out to the oceanfront area to record various scenes and acts of mischievous exploration.  Far past the chaotic wanderings of drunken patrons finding their way out of the strip, this is what I have often referred as the hour of the Crazies.  Slow-moving cars, yelling out windows, bottles shattering across abandoned parking lots, a cluster of fast-walking suspects in a desolate surrounding, and of course the occasional stray sighting of what appears to be a completely clueless family lost after hours - these are a few things that one might encounter at this time.  Like as in the film "Escape from NY" when Snake makes it down to the street after landing the Gulf Fire , but more tame.  It is always when you least expect it.  Otherwise it can be a very calm and peaceful time if you are not looking in the wrong place.  In this case however, it may have been the right place if not for the fierce wind tunneling thru the arcade of the recently-built Summer House lifestyle center.  Earlier I had captured some rather boring scenes of the mostly-empty streets until I got the idea to infiltrate the Hilton parking complex.  This was interesting but eventually led to my quick departure and relocating across the street to where the wind took over.  Just as I was about to climb up a giant umbrella, the gust slammed my Nikon S8k into the concrete, thereby destroying it and putting an end to the whole agenda.  On the good side, my attempts to amp up the content were over, and I was still able to recover what had already been filmed.  So perhaps with that, I can still put something together for the song.  It's hard to compete with my recent setting of myself on fire and smashing out windows, but at least I can get on to the music, which is what it was really about anyway. 

Maschine upgrade

August 15, 2014

With the software re-write to version 2.1, the interface is functionally familiar but has received some added improvements.  The use of more than one CPU core is an overdue capability.  And the expanded use of effects and instrument construction adds to the complexity.  The visual layout has much in similar to the 1.x release making it easy to switch and quickly get off the ground.  But some key changes and the window scrolls add up to some differences that could require an adjustment time.  Good thing the backward compatibility is there and will load previous save files.  However once the file is re-saved, you can no longer load it in the older version as the new save files have extra information stored with a new file extension.  So once I get beyond the past material and work on the open projects, I'll take more time to fully adjust to the new features. 

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